2019 Jury

The following individuals served on the Mental Filmness 2019 Jury, evaluating and choosing films from over 1,000 submissions that demonstrated a realistic and empathetic portrayal of mental health. Thank you for your service!

David Canfield

Mike McCune

Deanna McMillan

Leslie Phipps

Katie Gartner

Amanda Wallace

Tyler Anna Neufeld

Kyrstin Cobb

Colleen Kerrigan

Jim Laczkowski

If you are interested in serving on the Mental Filmness 2020 Jury, please check back at this spot in January 2020. We apologize that due to an overwhelming number of requests we receive, we are not able to respond individually to every one.

Serving on the jury is a high workload commitment, and it is unpaid, but it is good experience if you are looking to dip your toe into the world of film festivals, and it is very rewarding if you are aligned with our mission.