I Am A Black Hole

“I Am A Black Hole” captures a day in the life of a young solo professional, working from home, who becomes obsessed with black holes, researching everything about them and dreading the thought that there is no escape from it’s destructive cosmic force.

At the same time, he struggles with ordinary daily activities like finding motivation for work, maintaining social relationships, and even difficulty in sleeping.

Losing himself in a existential daze while painting endlessly swirling black holes, he suddenly finds himself in a medical facility where a doctor diagnoses him with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Unable to accept his seemingly inescapable mental condition and situation, he repeats over and over again the self-destructive mantra: “I am a black hole.”

A friendly reminder from the doctor eventually helps him realize that he does not have to be defined by his mental illness. In the end, he tells himself: “I am not a black hole.”

RJ Baculo is an award-winning filmmaker, comic book creator, and mental health ambassador who uses visual storytelling techniques to explore important issues like mental health awareness. He has an academic background in Multimedia Design, Philosophy, and Clinical Psychology and directed short films & documentaries which have won or been selected at various local & international film festivals including Cinemalaya, Catholic Mass Media Awards, Signis Asia Media Awards, Alberione Media Awards, Viddsee Juree Awards, Istorya Ng Pag-asa Film Festival, and Globe Studios’ Festival of New Cinema. His passion includes creating inspiring digital content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to help spread mental health awareness.

“I Am A Black Hole” plays in Short Blocks No. 4.

You can check out our interview with director Ronald James Baculo here: https://mentalfilmness2021.eventive.org/interviews2021

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