Follow My Brain

Follow My Brain ( is a highly collaborative film where the three filmmakers (Robyn Thomas, Naomi Devine and Tamara Plush) worked in multiple roles and closely with Cam Webster to tell his story passionately and authentically. In this interview, Robyn, Tamara and Cam join from around the world to share about the film (Victoria, Canada, and Edinburgh, Scotland).

Cam Webster is the star of the show. In the film, he explains how he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder as a 19-year-old who loved boxing and his journey to recovery. Along the way we learn how he manages his illness; meet his family, friends, coaches and therapist who support him; and experience his inspiring journey to return to what he loves.

Robyn Thomas is a filmmaker and videographer who thrives on documenting meaningful stories with the possibility to incite change. Her work has had her filming whales from kayaks, sleeping in snow caves, filming mountaintops from helicopters and collaborating on award-winning films. With a background in acting and screenwriting she has a unique perspective on what makes a compelling film.

Follow My Brain screens in Shorts Block No. 1 of the virtual festival.

Check out our exclusive interview with the film’s creators here:

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