Mental As Everything

I just have to add as an interesting note (at least to me): when I interviewed Damon Smith, it was the largest gap in time zones I’ve navigated yet. We figured out the most sensible time for both of us was 6 a.m. Central and 10 p.m. in Australia. Forgive me if I was still groggy, I’m not a morning person. In fact I was really confused when my alarm went off and almost slept through it. It was like a bizarre sci-fi experience to someone like me who doesn’t understand or think about those things. ~~Ed.

Damon Smith has estimated that he has spent around 50 thousand hours of his life, so far, participating in absurd ritualistic behaviours associated with his obsessive Compulsive Disorder. With a diagnosis of both, OCD and Bipolar Disorder, and with the help of his anxious friend, Adam, these two touring, Australian musicians, will share, with original music, preposterous humour and outlandish animations, the intricate and debilitating nature of what it is like to live and talk about mental illness in a world where it’s ok to talk about a broken arm but not ok to talk about a broken mind.

Damon is an award-winning composer, lyricist, music producer, writer, instrumentalist, filmmaker and performer from Perth, now living in Melbourne.

As a musician, he has performed at countless theatres across Australia, written jingles, songs and composed ballet and has released several original albums. Appearing as a session piano player on numerous recordings he has also had music featured on television, stage and in short films. Working as a producer, he has also recorded several albums for local artists.

Singing with a unique, smokey baritone voice, he is a virtuosic piano player who can seamlessly flow between musical styles currently performing in three of his own hugely contrasting stage shows that have all amassed 4 and a half and 5-star reviews.Writing and creating with the frequency of the tides, Damon’s work is often wry and thought-provoking with loads of comedic absurdity and buffoonery thrown in.

In his show, Mental As Everything, Smith provides a funny, raw and thought-provoking cabaret that explores the multifaceted nature of mental illness through hilarious original songs and onstage buffoonery. Smith shares his deeply personal experience of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and bipolar disorder in a show that fathoms the highs and lows of living with a mental illness.

Damon also produces and films the popular YouTube video performance series, ‘The Night Sky Is A Jewellery Store Window’ and has made over 50 videos (and counting) that feature local and international singer-songwriters. Check out Damon’s time warped Mental Filmness interview here:

And check out Mental As Everything under the features section of the virtual festival.

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