Want To Stream A Horror Film? – Try The “Dark Mystery” The Awakening of Lilith

It never really occurred to me until tonight for some reason, October being the month of horror movies, and me poking around Netflix to find a good horror movie to watch, The Awakening of Lilith might be a good, *free*, suggestion for viewers.

Granted, it’s definitely not a slasher/gorefest—rather a dark, quiet mystery that has more in common with the dreamlike psychological horror of Midsommar, All The Colors of the Dark, or Let’s Scare Jessica To Death. I do also think it involves some patience on the part of the viewer as it slowly unfolds. For those willing to invest in it, though, it does contain a fair share of atmospheric dread, puzzle pieces, and some genuinely creepy moments.

So if you’re poking around looking for the next horror movie to add to your queue–consider streaming The Awakening of Lilith for free under our virtual festival features.

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