Happy Halloween & Last Call!

Happy Halloween, everyone!This is the last call for 2021’s virtual festival—it closes tomorrow evening, November 1st, at 7:00 p.m., with the exception of, as I mentioned, The Healer & The Psychiatrist, which will be extended until November 5th with its proper English subtitles.

November 1st is mainly an easy date to remember, and I had mistaken it for a Sunday, but it’s actually Monday, so there’s an extra day in it for you. As much as I’d like to keep everything going forever, there are such things as licensing agreements, Eventive fees (which believe me, I’m happy to have higher), and other commitments. Till next year!

I’ll do a fuller recap soon, but I really felt the love this year from so many involved. It wasn’t just that there were more viewers than ever, there was so much good feedback and so many positive vibes.

I’m sure y’all have more Halloween-y plans than watching mental health films tonight, like watching horror movies, and I 100 percent support that and hope you’re all having fun. I’ve decided I’m going to try to keep this space more active in the “off-season” so more people remember and keep up with us, and so I can keep engaged in the world of mental health. So keep following, and keep breaking stigma!

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