The Future Of Mental Filmness

Big news on the growing Mental Filmness front!

I can let the cat out of the bag because the articles of incorporation were approved: Mental Filmness is incorporating as a nonprofit (awaiting approval of tax-exempt status). I felt this was the next logical step to take with the festival’s progression. This will hopefully open the door to bigger and better things, including the possibility of grants, sponsorships, partnerships, and other things I’m going to get cracking on researching.

One of the first perks of being a nonprofit I took advantage of was posting for volunteers on the very legitimate site Idealist. Hopefully we can find some volunteers who reflect the diversity of the films we receive and who can offer unique perspectives as jury members. I am also really hoping I can find a few people who can help keep our social media and community presence visible and publicize the fest because I am really not great at that. I have a feeling we could build some amazing untapped relationships in Chicago, I just don’t really have all the time, energy, and knowledge I need.

So please, tell anyone you think would be interested about these volunteer positions! Jury members could work from anywhere (it would actually be cool to have some international perspectives), ditto with social media, but I’d like to ideally have a couple of people in Chicago to do some community outreach. Volunteers will have to work out of a place of passion and the kindness of their heart and for the mission of mental health and independent film advocacy since it’s unpaid, and I know that’s a lot to ask, but it is very very flexible, just whatever you can do on your own time.

Thank you for all of your support. I’m excited to see us keep growing!

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