Notes on Voting

Another question on voting. All films should be eligible for virtual ballot-casting, including the shorts! You have to unlock and view the entire film for a numerical ballot to appear, then you can vote on your rating 1-5 (see image below).

Someone asked me about how to vote for shorts this morning. Somehow the setting for shorts got switched to choosing a favorite, which I don’t like at all. Those shorts are all someone’s baby, and they’re all amazing! I was able to switch it to a setting where you can vote individually for each one, like we had in the past. You *should* also be able to return to films you didn’t vote on earlier, and vote on them (at least, I tried it and it worked for me).

Vote, vote, vote! It’s kind of one of those frivolous little film festival things, we all know how much hard work these filmmakers put in and how amazing all of these are and how hard they are to compare. Still, giving awards at the end is one of those fun things about a film festival. I’m always surprised in some ways by audience response which is kind of fun, too.

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