A Black Cloud – In Conversation With Emma Lazenby

We just posted an interview with Emma Lazenby from ForMed Films about her animated short A Black Cloud.

This film is about an extremely important topic that is rarely addressed, that of reproductive trauma. Society puts so much pressure on childbirth being one of the most joyous and meaningful events in life. But what if something goes wrong? It’s extremely difficult to talk about, with few understanding outlets.

A Black Cloud weaves together clips from a few interviews into a cohesive narrative featuring personal experiences and thoughts about reproductive trauma. Although part of its purpose is educational the animation is of a very high quality and aesthetically pleasing, and it never comes across as dry and heavy-handed. Rather than throwing statistics at you it is more interested in creating empathy through telling stories.

You can check out our interview with Emma in the Interviews section of the virtual festival site at: https://mentalfilmness2022.eventive.org/eventive.org/mentalfilmness2022interivews (It’s conveniently at the top because of the “B” title!)

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