Dragon Quest

In the short film Dragon Quest, Benjamin goes through a few different counsellors in order to find a solution for his bout of anxiety and depressive episodes. He fails to find the right one. With each failed attempt, he puts on more metaphorical armour on himself as a defense mechanism, eventually hindering his everyday life. But in the end he does find his counsellor, and learns that with the right help, he can obtain the right tools he needs to vanquish his draconic issues.

ThatParanoidStudio is a company formed by a group of friends and hobbyists coming together from different backgrounds with a love for creating comedic content and has evolved with an aim to specialise in producing high concept genres and untold perspectives in story – film & commercial.

The studio works to engage audiences with new, creative and entertaining ideas while injecting heart and soul into Singapore’s film community.

Dragon Quest screens in Shorts Block No. 3 of the virtual festival.

You can watch the exclusive Mental Filmness interview with director Noppatad Luangvaranan and producer Kellie Kuah here: https://mentalfilmness2021.eventive.org/interviews2021

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