Bridging The Gap

At age 18 Meg started hearing a voice. She tried ignoring it, didn’t tell a soul, yet the voice grew. More abusive, more delusional and often completely out of her control. Eventually, her paranoia wore her down. She experienced “an explosion of mental health,” followed by years of medical intervention and institutions.

Bridging the Gap offers a snapshot of Meg’s world as she grapples with the boundaries between her internal delusions and her everyday life. This film will challenge your perspective on hearing voices, open your eyes on medicalisation, and beg the question ‘what even is reality?’

Nina Ross is a Bristol-based documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist. Curious by nature, her films contemplate how people make sense of everyday life and find meaning in often challenging circumstances. Prior to making films, she spent 6 years in charity work (working with refugees, asylum seekers, and homeless people). Inspired by the disability arts slogan ‘nothing about us without us’ she works collaboratively, opening a space for contributors to be involved in the film-making process. Her aim is to communicate deeper insight into contemporary issues; exploring stereotypes, challenging perceptions and crafting bold narratives that really resonate with the audience.

The film was collaboratively produced between Meg herself and director, Nina Ross, blending animation crafted from Meg’s own illustrations and diaries with photographs and live footage. It was made during lockdown by sending cameras into hospital where Meg could record herself, crafting intimate insight into her environment. “It’s about time I show people who can’t share my experiences what I actually have to deal with. What better way than to make this film?” ~~Meg Barrett

Bridging The Gap plays in Shorts Block No. 3 in the virtual festival.

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