Why Me?

Why Me? tells the story of Crystal, a very outgoing preteen who loves people, loves her life, and loves just living. One day she started to change but everyone just assumed she was going through puberty. She started acting out. She started being disrespectful and she started to withdraw from the people who loved her very much.

She had to try to accept her fate. She had to come to grips with her reality. No one wanted to see and accept it until they had no choice.

Mrs. Black is a very strong woman but her strength is put to the test when she has to come to grips with the fact that she has a child with a mental illness. She finds strength but almost loses herself in the process. This heart-wrenching drama will challenge your views and even make you ask the question WHY ME.

Why Me? is very effective in depicting the slow unfolding of Crystal’s mental illness, her mother’s growing awareness and understanding of it, and a faith-based community that struggles to acknowledge it.

Why Me? is now playing in the features section of the virtual festival.

You can check out the website here: https://whymethemovie.com/https://whymethemovie.com/

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