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I’ve always had trouble taking in aural information. I lose focus pretty easily during lectures and audiobooks, no matter how interesting I find the material. So I guess it comes as a surprise that I enjoy podcasts, even if I have trouble listening to them sometimes. The podcasts I used to listen to regularly were about music and movies and it wasn’t a big deal if I tuned in and out at times. But it has only been within the last year that I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in a podcast. While nervous at first, I was surprised how easily it came to me to talk for a couple of hours about films I loved and how quickly the time passed, and the new revelations and insights I discovered that you get from good conversations.

Both of my podcast appearances were on the fiercely intelligent and knowledgeable Jim Laczkowski’s podcast the Director’s Club, which has some renown in the world of movie buffs. The program explores in-depth the work of one director and its themes and threads, very much in the spirit of the auteur theory. If you are interested in that kind of thing I very much recommend the episode we just recorded on the work of Todd Haynes. Not only was Todd Haynes one of the more talented indie directors of the nineties who was way ahead of his time in sensitively exploring issues like environmental illness and sexual repression, but we chat a bit about Mental Filmness and some of our favorite films about mental health in the beginning.

I hope you give a listen and enjoy, and listen to the other episodes if you like it. They’re a lot of nerdy fun for deep dives into the work of different directors. (My other appearance was on an episode about Chantal Akerman).


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