Highlight – Don’t Worry About It

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. For example, Melissa Kong really did eat a cookie off a public toilet seat as a part of her exposure therapy during a global pandemic. At a time when other people exercised caution touching door handles and elevator buttons, she was gently encouraged to contaminate. Melissa explains that her OCD was so severe—often confining her to her house with anxiety—that even during drastic times it required drastic measures.

Melissa’s film was based on her real-life experience attending a clinic for exposure therapy. I liked that there was a little humor in the film, something that can be in short supply in the festival, and in her interview Melissa said a lot of that came from things she actually observed or remembered that were funny in retrospect. I found the ending, with its note of dark comedy, particularly effective at introducing a little humor even during a weighty and pivotal scene.

Melissa wanted to challenge some of the stereotypes about OCD. There are all different types of OCD, she says, not just the “cleaning kind.” It’s not always about counting or aligning things. You’re not “OCD” in the way you organize your closet. Partially because of stereotypes in the media, people sometimes think of OCD as a charming personality quirk. In reality, it can be a condition so incapacitating it can keep you from going outside and from doing the things you want to do.

Don’t Worry About It plays in the virtual festival in Shorts Block No. 1: https://watch.eventive.org/mentalfilmness2022/play/633f0369e984f200bc7268e4

You can check out Melissa Kong’s interview for more insights into OCD and exposure therapy here: https://mentalfilmness2022.eventive.org/films/eventive.org/mentalfilmness2022interviews

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