The Matineecast Episode # 300: Mental Health & Film

Hey podcast fans! Check out this *neat* special episode of the Matineecast all about the topic of mental health and film. A handful of insightful guests chose films that have had an impact on their mental health and discuss them. Chicago film critic and festival champion Jim Laczkowski of the Director’s Club podcast gives some candid insights on suicide and salavation in The Sunset Limited, a tense drama he recently introduced me to. Jonathan Barkan of the documentary Mental Health and Horror (who I also just learned executive produced the nightmarish Skinamarink) gives his take on Relic. There’s also a piece on the film that traumatized many a child of the eighties, The Neverending Story, and the Swamps of Sadness. Heck, they’re all pretty great. And of course, I love seeing people do this sort of stuff.

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